Ultimate Quilted Dog Pad with Pro-Grip™ Technology

So long slips. Bye-bye bunches. The days of fighting with a pad that moves, bunches and leaks are over. New Ultimate Dog Pads with Pro-Grip™ Technology are engineered to secure to your floor—no matter what the surface. Add in a Fresh Scent, 2X absorbency and 2X odor destroying power and now you’ve got the Ultimate Protection.

  • Stays put to reduce mess from slipping and bunching
  • 2x Super Absorbent and 2x Odor Destroying Power*
  • Fresh Scent keeps home smelling fresh and clean
  • Guaranteed Leak-proof
  • Available in standard and XL sizes
(*vs regular OUT! pads) Shop Now

Pro-Grip™ Technology

OUT! exclusive Pro-Grip™ Technology reduces mess from slipping and bunching.

Fresh Scent

Fresh Scent keeps your home smelling fresh

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