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Tips & Tricks
360 Spray Shampoo

So many pet owners put pet grooming to the side, because, let’s face it: it’s messy, hard and time consuming. Bath time just got easier with 360 Degree spray shampoo. Think of how easy it is to spray on your favorite suntan lotion when you’re relaxing poolside. Now think about that technology only for your […]

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Tips & Tricks
Keep Your Dog’s Coat Healthy

Good hygiene is one of the keys to a healthy coat for your dog. By following some simple grooming tips, you can make sure your dog doesn’t suffer from an itchy dry skin and a dull coat: Give your dog a weekly bath using a shampoo made for pets. Don’t use one made for humans. […]

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In the Media
Pet Living… Made Easier

Pet expert, Kristen Levine has a blog where she shares great finds and useful advice for living happier and healthier with your pets. Check out her visit to the nationally televised show, Daytime where she gave a sneak peak of some pet products that help make life easier. http://kristenlevine.com/new-pet-products-make-pet-living-easier/

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