Dog Poop Scoop & Rake

Who says you have to stoop to conquer? Master your pet’s messes from a comfortable distance with the 33-inch extendable handle of the OUT! PetCare Poop Scoop & Rake.

  • Save your back and poop-scoop with ease! Our extendable 33” handle eliminates bending and stooping.
  • Multi-pet household? Large yard? The OUT! PetCare Poop Scoop & Rake features a large bin that is perfect for multiple dogs and makes poop-scooping a large yard a breeze! It’s the perfect multi-pet poop scoop.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple poop scoop products! Our 2-in-1 rake and scoop is perfect for use on wet or dry poop.
  • Experience no-mess pet waste pickup thanks to our unique side bag holders. Easily secure an OUT! PetCare Dog Waste Pickup Bag for worry-free poop-scooping and a clean bin each and every use.
  • Spend less time cleaning up pet messes—the swivel bin makes waste pickup faster and easier than ever before!

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