Dog Cologne Body Mist Spray - Calming Lavender

OUT! PetCare Lavender Body Mist (6.3 oz) keeps your dog smelling fresh in between baths with a long-lasting lavender scent. Lavender dog perfume spray safely neutralizes and eliminates dog odors (with no alcohol or dyes) while also conditioning your dog's coat. OUT! PetCare dog body spray cologne uses only compressed air, so it can spray upside down and upside right with a startle-free, gentle, and continuous mist.

  • Long Lasting Freshness. Keep your dog smelling great between baths with long-lasting lavender freshness.
  • Compressed Air Cologne Spray for Dogs. Easy-to-spray upside-down and right side up; with a startle-free and gentle continuous mist.
  • Calming Lavender Scented Dog Spray. Lavender scented and is free of alcohol and harsh dyes.
  • Eliminates Odors. Neutralizes odors to keep your dog odor free, while conditioning your dog's coat.
  • Refresh your Dog's Coat. Refresh your dog's coat while fighting tough odors with this safe scented dog cologne.

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